Gary Neville blasts Marouane Fellaini for red card against Man City

by Tanveer Arayan

Gary Neville was not happy with Marouane Fellaini following his red card in Manchester United’s 0-0 draw with Manchester City.

The game was all to play for before the Belgian was sent off and although Pep Guardiola’s side had the most shots on goal, there was always a chance that Man United could claim a lucky goal.

However, he stopped a counter-attack and had just taken a yellow card but was clearly upset as he headbutt Sergio Aguero and was immediately sent off.

Speaking about his showing, Gary Neville was not impressed.

“What is he doing? What is he doing? What is he doing?” he said.

“Before that he’s just taken the yellow card for stopping the counter attack.

“I think he’s furious because what he’s done is that he’s given the foul away and there is an incident we haven’t seen. He’s snapped Fellaini, he needs to get off the pitch.

“Aguero’s played him there like a fool. What is he doing? He’s played him like a fool.

“I couldn’t praise Marouane Fellaini enough for his performance on Sunday at Burnley and I think tonight he’s done a good job for the team.

“He’s now left his team with 10 minutes to go, maybe more, with a lot of work to do.”

Fellaini had just been getting into the good books of supporters as he’s had a tough time at United this season, but there’s no doubt he’ll have to start again as he gets back into the side.

He has a tendency to let United down and although Mourinho believes that Fellaini offers the side something completely unique, it’s just not been good enough once again.

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