Jose Mourinho reacts to Marcus Rashford’s penalty against Swansea City

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho has reacted to Marcus Rashford‘s controversial penalty during Manchester United’s 1-1 draw with Swansea City.

The 19-year-old, an ebullient presence at No.9 once again, took the ball past Lukasz Fabiański before tumbling to the ground as the Pole stretched for the ball.

Referee Neil Swarbrick, after some deliberation, pointed to the spot and Wayne Rooney duly tucked the ball home to send Man United into the lead.

Mourinho, when asked about the penalty decision, noted that he didn’t see the incident, which took place as he was walking down the tunnel to prepare for his half-time team talk.

“I don’t have a view because I didn’t watch,” Mourinho said. “And I have Marcus’ opinion and he said that the goalkeeper touched him.”

Let’s not mess around here: Rashford dived. It wasn’t a penalty.

But I would argue that, actually, the 19-year-old still deserves praise for snatching the initiative for the home side. Diving is looked upon with disgust by many; what Rashford did, to many I’m sure, constitutes an act of cheating.

Making such an accusation, however, presupposes the notion that there exists a form of integrity and required honesty in the beautiful game at this level. But is there? Why should players place being a good sport over getting results when their sole objective is – yes, you guessed it – to win games?

Diving is an offence, of course. Rashford should have picked up a booking but, as it was, he took a chance and it paid off.

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