Di Marzio: Antoine Griezmann has PSG offer and Jose Mourinho is prioritising Kylian Mbappe and Alvaro Morata

by Sam Peoples

Gianluca di Marzio’s latest report on Antoine Griezmann might leave Manchester United fans a little bit worried.

The reputable Italian journalist says that Griezmann currently has an offer from Paris St.Germain and although he doesn’t want to play in the French League at the moment, there is a further point made about Jose Mourinho’s priorities in the transfer market.

He reports that while Griezmann is on Man United’s wanted list, both AS Monaco’s Kylian Mbappe and Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata are higher priorities for him in the summer window.

Well, that certainly throws up a few question marks around the Griezmann deal. Firstly, PSG being interested in the Atletico Madrid attacker should come as absolutely no surprise to anybody, nor should the fact he has no intention of playing in the French League yet. He might go home to roost in the latter stages of his career but not in his prime, this summer is all about the big move.

As for the interest in Mbappe and Morata, that’s a bit more interesting. Personally, I would be so surprised if an 18-year-old breakthrough sensation in Mbappe was more of a priority to Mourinho than such an established too player as Griezmann. That’s based on what we’ve seen Mourinho do his whole career as a manager but maybe he is going to change?

Morata is somebody who you could definitely see slotting in at United and that one makes a bit more sense but still I’d be surprised if he was a bigger priority than Griezmann. Unfortunately, football is full of surprises.

What do you make on these updates? Do you still think Griezmann is United’s No.1 target this summer?

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