Gareth Southgate: It’s hard to keep Jose Mourinho happy at Man United

by Tanveer Arayan

England manager Gareth Southgate believes it’s fairly difficult to keep Jose Mourinho content at Manchester United.

The Portuguese boss had been battling with the U21s side to ensure Marcus Rashford is not taken along with the team while he should be resting, however, the youngster was instead taken with the senior squad.

He also suggested Man United may be one of a number of Premier League clubs who have stopped sharing data with England due to fears information could be leaked even though the Football Association had struck a deal in advance to help England build-up to the finals in France.

Speaking about the situation, Southgate revealed the difficulty he faced when trying to pick players for England’s games against Scotland and France.

“I didn’t speak to him (Mourinho) about it,” he said.

“Marcus’s evolution this season has been clear in terms of the responsibility he’s had at his club.

“And when I’ve watched matches like the game away at Chelsea in the cup when he was playing on his own (up front) for long periods of the game, the game against Chelsea at Old Trafford, the European matches – quarter-finals, semi-finals – where he had such a big impact in big games, he should be in our squad. The only decision for me was, do we send him to both?

“The key for us is not the relationship with Jose; it’s the relationship with Marcus.

“And making sure that he senses that we’re not just plonking him somewhere to try to achieve an objective that ticks a box for us.

“We’re very serious about development tournaments, but whenever we’re dealing with young players, we’ve also got to be serious about their own personal development as well.

“Because he’s got huge potential and we’ve got to handle him in the right way to try and get him where we want him long-term.

“I’ve not spoken to him about it, but I’m not in a position where I can make decisions to keep people happy.

“I’m not going to achieve that. If I’m trying to keep Jose happy, that’s going to be, let’s say, fairly difficult.

“Respectfully, none of the managers are going to be around in 10 years – or (are) very, very unlikely (to be) – and I think people like Marcus Rashford will be. I think that his relationship with England is key.”

England face a World Cup Qualifier against Scotland at Hampden Park on June 10, before a friendly against France in Paris three days later.

Wayne Rooney was left out while his future is uncertain at the club, with him not picking up many minutes this season, Southgate chose to leave his captain at home.

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