Manchester United set to receive £5m windfall from Michael Keane’s move to Everton

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United are in line to receive a £5m cut from Michael Keane’s proposed £25m move to Everton as part of a clause in his existing contract, according to reports.

The 24-year-old moved to Burnley on a permanent basis back in January 2015 and Man United, clearly wary of the defender’s talent, inserted a clause which ruled they would receive up to 25 per cent of the fee for his next transfer.

It was thought that Keane would return to Old Trafford this summer following an indomitable campaign at Turf Moor but Jose Mourinho, much to the Englishman’s disappointment, opted for Victor Lindelof instead.

And according to BBC’s Simon Stone, Keane will join Everton instead and United, in turn, will receive around £5m as part of his clause.

Now, I’m sure United could find £5m in between their sofa cushions, so the amount of money here – at least in proportional relation to the club’s overall turnover – isn’t necessarily important.

The thing to make note of here is that products of United’s youth academy are flourishing in both the Premier League and the Championship as well, with Sam Johnstone and Tyler Blackett serving as examples of the latter. An emphatic nod towards the quality of players being produced – even amid the chopping and changing at the top over the last few years – remaining the same.

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