Jose Mourinho becoming increasingly frustrated with Man United’s transfer activity

by Tanveer Arayan

Jose Mourinho is becoming increasingly frustrated with Manchester United’s transfer activity as he’s currently added only Victor Lindelof to his squad in the current transfer window, according to the Guardian.

The Portuguese boss is concerned there will be no more major signings as he looks to start the pre-season tour on Sunday with a full squad.

Following the Europa League final against Ajax in late May, Mourinho publically stated that his targets were all named and secure with Ed Woodward as he went on holiday.

However, six weeks later, Mourinho has seen deals for Chelsea’s Nemanja Matic, Inter Milan’s Ivan Perisic and Real Madrid’s Álvaro Morata stall.

He still remains hopeful the transfers will pick up before Sunday although he will be dismayed if Lindelof is the only new player on the plane to America.

Mourinho is hopeful that the side will make a serious charge in the Premier League and Champions League and would have wanted his four new players to be integrated as soon as possible.

Mourinho claimed on 24 May that the work was for Woodward to sort this summer and with a hectic 11-day schedule, following a six-day training camp at in Los Angeles, he won’t be impressed if his players aren’t with the squad.

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