Romelu Lukaku to Manchester United: Conflicting stories causing major confusion

by Tanveer Arayan

Romelu Lukaku to Manchester United. Nobody saw that coming today but it’s exactly what has been reported by the whole British press in unison including the BBC, Sky Sports, Manchester Evening News and the likes.

Happy days. Man United have got themselves a new No.9 to solve our goalscoring problems next season, done deal right? Well, stories then began to leak from the other side of the fence and there was plenty of head-scratching going on as there was a suggestion that no deal had actually been agreed.

Having had to deal with so much speculation, twists and turns throughout this transfer window, some United fans are understandably concerned but let us clear up a bit of the confusion.

The issue here is the lines of communication and the different sources leaking this news. On the one hand, you have United briefing the press that a £75m fee has been agreed. They wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t the case.

On the other hand, that doesn’t suit Everton. They want Chelsea to still think they have a chance of signing Lukaku and so they speak to their own sources to indicate no fee has been agreed at this moment in time, in the hope that Chelsea come back in over the top with a bigger offer.

It’s a slightly odd tactic by Everton but United simply would not have told the press a fee had been agreed unless it was the case. James Cooper, who works for Sky, gave his own update on the situation from outside United and it’s obvious his information has come directly from United.

Plus, I’m not sure Craig Norwood has ever been wrong about a transfer so when he wades in you can consider it effectively a done deal:

The conflicting reports are causing confusion but all you are seeing is Everton trying to create a bidding war, even though the consensus is that the fee has already been agreed. It’s a strange situation but since when did United ever complete a transfer without some sort of complication? It wouldn’t be as interesting…

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