Neymar opens up about potential move to Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Barcelona and Brazil winger Neymar has refused to rule out a move to Manchester United in the future, noting that his circumstances at the Nou Camp could very quickly change.

The 25-year-old was reportedly close to an Old Trafford move back in 2015 but chose to remain at Barcelona and sign a new contract instead.

He has heaped praise on Jose Mourinho in the past and recently voiced his desire to play in the Premier League at some point in his career.

And Neymar has once again drummed up speculation over a potential move by noting that his future at Barcelona was far from certain.

“Who knows tomorrow,” he said.

“I am now very happy, very well adapted. But everything can happen – who knows?”

Any newly emerging superstar – Kylian Mbappe is the latest example – always finds themselves linked with Real Madrid, but Barcelona has always felt like the pinnacle to me. There is an atavistic, mystical grandeur to the club that the plutocracy of Madrid could never replicate, perhaps because Catalonia has always been an ostracised entity and in turn carved out its own unique identity.

But the future at the Nou Camp is looking decidedly gloomy. Ernesto Valverde, their new manager, is a good coach but his uniquely Basque approach to football will not appease supporters keen on seeing their club uphold the legacy left by Johann Cruyff and expertly maintained by Pep Guardiola.

Their talisman Lionel Messi, responsible for digging Barcelona out of so many ditches last season, won’t be around forever and their failed bid for Paulinho – yes, that Paulinho – serves as a gloomy indictment of where they may he heading.

With this in mind, Neymar may indeed fancy a new challenge in the Premier League further down the line.

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