Jamie Redknapp believes Romelu Lukaku needs to improve his work rate at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp has insisted that Romelu Lukaku will have to improve his work rate to succeed at Manchester United.

The 24-year-old, who claimed 24 Premier League goals last season, completed his £75m switch to Man United from Everton on Monday.

He was seen training hard alongside teammates during their first training session in Los Angeles but will not feature in the side’s first pre-season tour game against LA Galaxy.

And Redknapp, speaking on Sky Sports, has noted that Lukaku will have to step up his dedication to the cause to flourish at Old Trafford.

“I think he could be fitter, I think he could work harder, I think there is a lot more to come from Lukaku,” he said.

“Man United fans will be hoping Jose Mourinho can bring that out of him because he is a very, very good striker.

“He’s just got to do it regularly and there are times when you watch him you know after 10 minutes he’s not going to be at it. That shouldn’t be the case when you’re talking about £80million players.”They should be doing it week in, week out like the Premier League legends like Thierry Henry, Alan Shearer. They did it every game.”

“He’s obviously got a great friendship with Paul Pogba, that’s one you are looking forward to seeing next year because those two are going to be looking to make their relationship work off the field as much as they hopefully are on it.”

“In Lukaku you know you’ve got Premier League pedigree, he knows the league inside out.”

We’ve all seen that disinterested, ambling walk before. Everton are inexplicably struggling at home to, say, Watford and Lukaku simply no longer cares to the point where he doesn’t even meaningfully work the channels, narrowing and worsening Everton’s entire play as a result. This is an unfortunate pockmark on the Belgian’s otherwise rambunctious, bull-in-a-china-shop approach going forward.

He got away with it at Goodison Park; Roberto Martinez and Ronald Koeman are good managers but lack that militant disciplinarian approach needed to succeed at the highest level, and Lukaku was untouchable in many ways.

At Old Trafford, however, anything less than complete dedication to the cause will see the striker lose his place in the team. Mourinho will not tolerate any complacency next season – especially not from his main striker.

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