Video: Anthony Martial impressing on Manchester United’s pre-season tour

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho would have watched on with admiration as Anthony Martial pulled out a piece of dazzling skill to leave Phil Jones flatfooted during a training session Manchester United’s base in Los Angeles.

The Frenchman endured a mixed campaign under Mourinho, drifting in and out of the team as he struggled to get to grips with the 54-year-old’s more defensively orientated demands for wide players.

Despite a difficult campaign, Martial has committed his future to Old Trafford and was in an ebullient mood during a three on three game in the Californian heat.

Marcus Rashford nudges the ball in his direction and the 20-year-old, without even looking, perfectly flicks the ball around the dumbfounded Jones to leave his teammate with an open goal.

Jones isn’t just left flatfooted here; he is left in a completely different dimension. This, after all, is what Martial can do and indeed a microcosm of a talent that simply cannot be ignored.

We need to remember that Martial is 20. Josh Harrop is 21 and received universal adulation for scoring against Crystal Palace. Some perspective is needed.

Nobody should ever doubt that Martial has frightening amounts of talent – so much more than what he is given credit for. And with time, hard work and the support of us, the supporters, he will turn into a truly special player.

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