Ivan Perisic leaves Inter Milan pre-season officially with toothache

by Sam Peoples

Ivan Perisic has left Inter Milan’s pre-season training camp, officially with toothache, and returned to Croatia for treatment.

The official line coming out of Inter Milan is that Perisic left with toothache but amid all the intense Manchester United transfer rumours, this will do nothing to cool the speculation and if anything will intensify it that little bit further.

Toothache? Forcing a player away from a pre-season training camp to return to Croatia so he can see his personal dentist? Call me a cynic but this sounds like a spotty teenager telling his Maths teacher that his dog ate his homework. Maybe that’s the narrative I want it to be but it does sound like a lame reason for any professional player to be sent home.

The latest official updates on Perisic came from Inter director Walter Sabatini on Friday when he confirmed United’s interest in the Croatian winger but also said Inter hadn’t entertained any offers because they all fall short of the £48m valuation they have on him. At this moment, that hasn’t changed.

But with Perisic away from the Inter squad and United still locked in negotiations, maybe we’ll see a real acceleration in our move for him in the next week.

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