Manchester United vs Manchester City: Potential XI with Romelu Lukaku and Anthony Martial

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho confirmed soon after Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Real Salt Lake City on Monday night that he would field a team to play 60 minutes against Manchester City in Houston.

The Portuguese, in other words, is now looking to put together a side that, based on the past two comparatively lightweight encounters, he wants to see more of as preparations for next season start to intensify.

And with that in mind, here is a potential XI for the clash with Pep Guardiola’s men comprising of players that have impressed over the last week.

Marcus Rashford could easily merit a place in this side, but following Romelu Lukaku’s first goal in a red shirt on Monday night Mourinho will desperately want to unleash him against City. Another bombastic display would be an important warning shot ahead of the Premier League campaign.

There’s only so much you can gauge from a couple of friendlies against weakened MLS sides, but one thing has struck me quite clearly: that Anthony Martial has his appetite back.

In both encounters he was a bubbling, menacing presence, cutting through defenders and pestering the keeper on numerous occasions. Supporters will want to see the Frenchman in action against a side he is yet to really impress against.

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