Jose Mourinho still hopeful of two more Manchester United signings

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho is still hopeful that Manchester United can complete two more signings in the summer transfer window but fully appreciates how hard the market is.

Ed Woodward is giving Mourinho updates on how it is going for Man United but our very public move for Inter Milan winger Ivan Perisic has shown fans just how hard this summer is for United, with clubs effectively holding us for ransom.

Speaking ahead of the Real Madrid game, Mourinho did say he wanted two more signings but admits he wants more.

He said: “Names is difficult for me because the players belong to clubs, the players are in their seasons, the managers, the owners are not happy if you speak about them, the same as me.

“If somebody says I want to buy a player from Man United, I would ask, hey, I’m here. So be careful what you say.

“I don’t hide my plan from the team because the transfer window in last December I didn’t use that and I told them my plan was to get four players and give balance to the team to make a better squad, but I was getting the feedback from Mr Woodward, I was analysing myself from a distance because I never got involved but I repeat the same: the market is very difficult and if the club has no chance to give me the four players then be it. I like my group and players, and I go with them, but I still have the hope I can have a third player, maybe a fourth.”

United absolutely need a new defensive midfielder so I am confident that player – whoever that ends up being – will be United’s third signing. As for the fourth, your guess is as good as mine.

We’ve been linked with full-backs and wingers so I expect the fourth signing, if we do make one, will be in one of those positions but I suppose who it is depends on how Woodward gets on in the market.

United have made two fantastic signings so far this summer but if we are going to mount a title push, we certainly need more.

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