Jesse Lingard: I would love to see Antione Griezmann at Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Jesse Lingard insists he would love to see Antione Greizmann at Manchester United as a player who would improve the squad.

The Frenchman was set for a move to Old Trafford this summer, however, opted to stay at Atletico Madrid as it would have been a low blow to leave Diego Simeone during the club’s current transfer ban.

His release clause remains the same and if Jose Mourinho decides to sign him next year it won’t be for a penny more than he would have paid this summer, which seems like a steal after some of the transfers we’ve seen.

Speaking in an interview, Lingard claims the player he wants to see in a United shirt the most is Griezmann

It’s a shame that his move didn’t work out as he would have been an exceptional player at United, but it seems like the club are in prime position to acquire his services next summer.

A lot can change in one year and it remains to be seen if he’ll make the move, however, with United on the verge of a big season, his mind could be swayed if the club performs well in the Champions League and Premier League.

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