Sergio Romero looks ahead to facing former club Sampdoria in pre-season

by Leo Nieboer

Sergio Romero has been looking ahead to facing his former club Sampdoria for the first time since joining Manchester United in 2015.

The Argentine joined the Italian side back in 2011 and established himself as first choice keeper for two years until an unsuccessful loan spell at AS Monaco consigned him to the bench once he returned to Genoa.

He managed to keep his place as Argentina’s first choice, however, before eventually joining Man United on a free transfer in July 2015.

And Romero, speaking ahead of United’s last pre-season game with the Italian side in Dublin, noted that he continued to enjoy plenty of good relationships from his time in Genoa.

“I played for Sampdoria for four years and it was four incredible years of my life,” he said, “where, until this day, I have a lot of friends in Genoa, which is the city, and, in the club, the doctor and the manager, who handles all the team logistics, he’s a great friend of mine.

“I also have team-mates who played with me while I was there and who are still great friends. In general, my wife and daughters have lived four fantastic years where we have left a lot of great friends.”

Looking back, United’s goalkeepers have been hardly stretched over pre-season, save for a fantastic 45 minutes from David de Gea against the rampant Barcelona triumvirate of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar, alongside some heroics from the Spaniard in what can only be described as the Worst Penalty Shoot Out of All Time against Real Madrid.

But Romero can nonetheless feel optimistic ahead of the 2017/18 campaign. He has managed to turn the tide of fury against his ineptitude between the sticks into a warm consensus towards his reliability as a No.2 following what was a practically faultless 2016/17 campaign that culminated in receiving an improved contract whilst in the United States.

Supporters will be keen to see more of the same next term, though it remains uncertain whether we will see as much of him with United back in the Champions League.

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