Jose Mourinho speaks out about buoyant dressing room atmosphere at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho has spoken out about the positive dressing room atmosphere at Manchester United, noting that all 25 players get along.

It was reported over pre-season that, according to several senior members of the squad, the atmosphere in the changing room was at its best since the days of Sir Alex Ferguson. 

And Mourinho has likewise claimed ahead of Man United’s 4-0 win over West Ham United that he has never worked with a group of players he liked so much.

“As I told them all recently, during my long career I have never worked with a group I like as much as I like them,” Mourinho said.

“Our three new signings – Victor, Romelu and Nemanja – are all very lucky to have joined a group like this, because it is so easy to work with them.”

Mourinho is often portrayed as a surly character, a pantomime villain, but one thing common in all of his teams both past and present is that genuine, unbreakable sense of harmony existing between every one of his players.

And this is harder than you may think: pitting 25 men – 25 big egos – together for nine months, going through endless training exercises and the throes of life at the top, rarely unfolds smoothly. Tensions run high. This is human nature: have you ever been on a holiday with a group of people and not argued, or at least grown quietly angry at someone?

How do you transcend this? With Mourinho, it’s always the same: belief in the style and belief in the common goal. United players never fully bought into Louis van Gaal‘s methods, and God knows what they thought of David Moyes, but under the Portuguese you can tell they are working under a winning formula. And that, more than anything, is what ends up dictating the mood of the dressing room.

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