Jose Mourinho comments on Marcus Rashford being booed by Swansea fans

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho has reacted to the frosty reception received by Marcus Rashford at the Liberty Stadium during Manchester United’s 4-0 win over Swansea City last weekend.

The 19-year-old dived during Man United’s last meeting with Swansea back in April and won a penalty, with the game ending 1-1 after Gyfli Siggurdson replied with a free-kick.

And he was duly met with a torrent of boos whenever he touched the ball in Wales on Saturday before being replaced by Anthony Martial after 75 minutes.

Speaking after the game, Mourinho pointed out that the home crowd at the Liberty Stadium wouldn’t have booed Rashford if they didn’t view him as a threat on the pitch.

“I think he has to learn how to enjoy it,” he said. “If he was a bad player, nobody would try to provoke him. They see the speed, the danger, and probably they think they can affect him.

“I think if he was on the bench and if he comes on for the last 15 or 20 minutes when the space is there, I think he would do the same things as the other guys did.

“I think he has to adapt to it. He is an English kid, a young kid who plays for their national team. Oh, I’m sorry, they are Welsh!”

There is a famous quote from Cristiano Ronaldo that anybody playing at the highest level should take note of: “Your love makes me strong; your hate makes me unstoppable.”

Indeed, Rashford will need to prepare himself for this kind of reception over the next few years. He is young, English and talented – but not necessarily in the way this country likes. Premier League followers generally prefer “PASHUN” over skill.

But he should use it as inspiration. The teenager, whilst ostensibly humble and quiet, is a bold, powerfully determined figure on the pitch capable of punishing any defence in this league. And rival supporters know that. The best attacking talents channel the fury sent their way and use it to devastating effect. Players of Rashford’s natural brilliance always end up having the last laugh.

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