Sam Allardyce backs Manchester United to win the Premier League title

by Leo Nieboer

Former England and West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce has explained why Manchester United can win the Premier League title this season.

Jose Mourinho’s men are the only Premier League side to enter a busy September period with a 100 per cent record after three games.

They will resume their campaign against Stoke City on Saturday and will then face Everton, Southampton and Crystal Palace before making the trip to Anfield in October.

And Allardyce, speaking on talkSPORT, has noted that Mourinho’s experience in a title race places him above anybody else in contention for top spot this season.

“The Premier League is generally won – certainly over the last ten, 15 years – by the team with the best defensive record,” he noted.

“Jose has done it before and he has done it many different countries. He knows how to do it. He knows when and where to change his tactics, to change how the team plays. You have seem it many times.

“He started the process of being a Jose team last year when they were a whisker away from being a lot better than they finished. There were too many draws and not enough wins and it looks like he has cured their problem – they didn’t score enough goals and their goal record and attack is far better now.”

There is a plush, almost regal air to Mourinho’s demeanour this season. There aren’t many managers who reflect the mood of their team in world football better than the Portuguese. His first season at Chelsea, for example, was a galloping, top-button-undone triumph that was mirrored by the man in the dugout, just how the hapless shell we saw in late 2015 was so fitting in relation to his side.

This time around, however, there is a real sense of deep-rooted knowledge and belief pervading through Mourinho’s veins. Last season was a hands on struggle; but now he clearly feels like the horses can run freely, and with reckless abandon.

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