Jose Mourinho insists he is not troubled by transfer window change

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho has insisted that the new changes to the transfer window will not harm his plans at Manchester United.

Premier League clubs have voted for the transfer window to close at 17:00 on the Thursday before the 2018/19 season begins.

Man United, along with Manchester City, Watford, Swansea and Crystal Palace, voted against the changes, while Burnley abstained. Players will still be allowed to leave their club before the normal window shuts at the end of August.

But Mourinho, who completed all his signings this summer before the season kicked off, has noted that the decision makes sense.

“Obviously I am in favour,” he said.

“Of course I want to arrive on day one and have my squad, my players, I want to work with them, travel with them. I don’t want to be waiting for late decisions when the championship has already started. That is the coach’s perspective.

“But there is another perspective. Where I can also include myself, because I am more than just the Head Coach. I also have to share the problems the board have, which is, when the decision is not uniform around Europe, we are opening another disadvantage for the English clubs.”

The rapid inflation that occurred throughout August obviously had a significant role in determining this verdict. Something had to be done. But this, I fear, will only add to the hysteria of the transfer market in this country, especially with the World Cup in Russia – ending in July – leaving little time for business to be done next summer.

Ostensibly, the whole idea makes sense. Mourinho is right in his assertion that every club should have their business done before a ball is kicked, but this concept falls down when others in Europe don’t follow suit.

Either way, the 54-year-old has shown himself to be a shrewd, efficient businessman in the transfer market capable of signing big players with time to spare.

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