Marcus Rashford speaks out about his partnership with Romelu Lukaku at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Marcus Rashford has been reflecting on his superb relationship with Romelu Lukaku on the pitch at Manchester United, noting that the pair immediately “clicked” as an attacking duo.

Lukaku has made a scintillating start to life at Old Trafford ever since arriving from Everton for £75m, claiming eight goals for club and country in total.

And Rashford has likewise sent shockwaves across the footballing world in recent times by claiming winning goals against Leicester and Slovakia.

Speaking to MUTV, the teenager noted that the pair, despite having never met before, immediately developed a mutual understanding on the pitch.

“It’s just clicked, we’ve got that understanding,” he said.

“We’d never met before his arrival, and we didn’t know what each other were like, but when we got on the pitch together we just knew where each other was.

“Hopefully we can keep growing the relationship more and more. Obviously it’s only in the early stages, and the better we get at playing together, the better the results will be for the team.

“It would be great if we could be like them [Yorke and Cole]. But the most important thing is for us to work for the team together.”

Rashford and Lukaku may have never played together ahead of the latter’s move to United, but the notion that they would operate in dangerous tandem together was always self-evident.

They are both uncompromising, determined, utterly ruthless talents hellbent on stretching defenders for 90 minutes without pause. There is only one gear they operate in.

But their chemistry goes deeper than that. There is something intangible that the duo share – something you cannot explain but only watch unfold, and supporters will hope that, whatever it is, this unspoken understanding – nay, knowing – between the two only develops this season.

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