Jamie Carragher explains why Romelu Lukaku is better than Sergio Aguero

by Leo Nieboer

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has admitted that he would rather go up against Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero than Romelu Lukaku.

The Belgian has made a rip-roaring start to the 2017/18 campaign at Manchester United, netting eight goals in all competitions since arriving for £75m in July.

And Aguero, as is often the case, has made a lethal start as well for Man City this season, equalling Lukaku’s total of six Premier League goals in as many games.

But Carragher, when asked who he would most like to face, noted that he felt as if going up against Aguero would be less demanding than wrestling with Lukaku for 90 minutes.

“The one I’d like to play against the most – ‘like’ is the wrong word – is possibly Aguero,” he said.

“Because sometimes it’s not all about ‘oh, he scored the goal’, it’s about who has given you the biggest problems in 90 minutes.

“Someone like Lukaku against someone like me, if he got me in certain positions he could just knock me out of the way and run past me.”

Nobody should ever doubt that Aguero is one of the finest players to ever grace the Premier League. 128 league goals in 187 appearances is a truly superb record.

But there is something that Lukaku can boast that Aguero never could: an ability to slowly dilapidate an opponent, mentally and physically, throughout a game.

The Argentine can often spend ten or fifteen minutes doing virtually nothing, luring defenders into a false sense of security, only to pop up with a decisive goal out of nowhere. He will always beat you on paper, but not necessarily physically.

Lukaku, on the other hand, will make sure you know that you’ve been beaten. Beaten to the ground. He will do battle with you for 90 minutes and almost always win.

And that, to me at least, is what a proper striker should do.

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