Video: Paul Pogba steps up recovery process at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba has posted a video on social media that shows him stepping up his recovery process at Manchester United after suffering a hamstring injury last month.

The Frenchman hobbled off after just 17 minutes against FC Basel and was seen leaving Old Trafford on crutches, prompting reports of a 12 week spell on the sidelines.

And while Mourinho quickly dismissed these rumours, the consensus is that Pogba’s injury is worse than first thought and could leave him sidelined until November.

But the 24-year-old has been in characteristically good spirits, posting a video of himself going through some leg-strenghening exercises ‘Bruce Lee style’.

Recovering from an injury is, of course, a physical process, yet the mental side plays an important part. Somebody who believes their affliction will hamper them upon their return often prove to be right, while those who work hard, remain positive, and come back ready to inflict damage often do exactly that.

And Pogba, more than most footballers, is a master of maintaining a positive outlook. He is going about his rehabilitation with the same spirit of freedom that hallmarks his style on the pitch. And you can bet he will take the same attitude back to Jose Mourinho’s side when he fully recovers.

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