Ian Wright praises Marcus Rashford after England match against Lithuania

by Marwan Harraz

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright has lauded Marcus Rashford after the young international featured for The Lions as England qualified for the 2018 edition of the World Cup.

The country has joined the likes of Belgium and Spain in qualifying relatively early and will be happy to be a part of another major tournament.

England however, will be looking to make more of a mark on the World Cup than they did in the last edition of the Euro’s as the team fell short of a result against Iceland.

The senior international team have a growing, humiliating reputation of bottling under pressure but the country’s young stars will be looking to make amends next year.

Wright was speaking harshly about the England team on ITV but reserved special praise for Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford:

“I personally feel that what he [Gareth Southgate] should be trying to concentrate on now with England, now we’re there [qualified], is to pass the ball forward more. Players are playing with fear.

“When you look at the way we used to qualify out of this group, I can’t remember any game where we’ve played expansive, or not even expansive, just a positive game of football — people getting forward, having shots.

“Apart from Rashford, everybody else looks petrified.”

The young English talent is known for his fearlessness on the ball with Jose Mourinho applauding his willingness to always take his man on.

Marcus has beaten countless defenders since his debut for the club and he brings the same spark to his international team.

The pacy striker has proven plenty of times to be the cause of an energised performance from the Red Devils as his style of play can encourage his teammates to be more expressive in their game.

Rashford simply gets fans off their seats and is willing to experiment every time he’s on the ball whether it’s for club or country.

‘The Kid’ is still a raw talent by all means but Manchester United and England are both aware of just how much potential he has and how special he is- a once in a generation player.

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