Manchester United fans react to David de Gea performance vs Liverpool

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United went to battle with Liverpool at Anfield on the Premier League’s first fixture since the international break ended and David de Gea was in top form.

The Red Devils have hardly been breached this season and while the defence have done their part, most of the praise is rightly due for the Spaniard.

The fierce encounter wasn’t a match of many chances but De Gea was keen on making sure he didn’t concede anything that came his way.

His reflexes have been rightfully credited but there’s nothing more a United fan loves than to see their world-class goalkeeper save in the most unconventional of manners with his feet.

The better the former Atletico Madrid man gets the more worried Old Trafford gets that he’ll be stolen by Real Madrid.

Whether that happens or not, fans will always love him:

Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United played on the counter for the majority of the game, relying on David to save the team whenever the odd shot came in.

The Red Devils defenders know that should they ever be breached, they’re in, perhaps, the safest hands in the Premier League.

Whenever the pressure seemed to mount, De Gea was there to kill off any hopes of giving Liverpool the lead.

After today’s performance, many of England’s top division’s strikers will not be looking forward to facing up against United’s cat-like goalkeeper.

Without a doubt, if David de Gea wasn’t between the sticks, some of their results would of ended in a different manner entirely.

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