Juan Mata explains why he’s happy with his role under Jose Mourinho

by Leo Nieboer

Juan Mata has insisted that he is extremely happy with life at Manchester United under Jose Mourinho, expressing an admiration for the Portuguese’s appetite for big games.

The Spaniard was signed by David Moyes from Chelsea back in January 2014 and has claimed ten goals in all of his last three seasons at the club.

Recent reports have claimed that Mata rejected a big-money move to the Chinese Super League to remain at Old Trafford.

And the Spaniard, in an interview with M.E.N, was quick to note that he was very happy at Man United, expressing no desire to move elsewhere whatsoever.

“I am happy here, I’m happy in Manchester,” he beams. “I’ve been here almost four years, and I love the people here. The city is very nice, and has a lot of things to do. My dad opened a Spanish restaurant!”

“I am settled in Manchester. I am happy here. So as long as this moment continues I am happy to stay here.

“I can tell you that he [Jose Mourinho] loves these [big] games. We feel it. We feel it from him, all the week in this kind of massive game, and I think he told you he really enjoys that pressure, these big moments.

“Obviously we get ready for each game in a good way, showing videos, and watching videos, and for Liverpool we did as well, but you can feel he really likes these fixtures.

“It’s just a part of him, one part of him overall. I don’t know if he’s 100 per cent him or not, but it is just a part of him, having big games, important games that he really enjoys.”

Never once has Mata found himself embroiled in any sort of fuss, hardship or controversy at United and indeed in his footballing career. What you see on the pitch is indeed what you get in all walks of life with Mata: mellifluous, intelligent, respectful, blessed with a vision that enables him to see the right move almost intuitively, whether he’s picking out a teammate or helping disadvantaged children.

Put simply, he radiates goodness, a kind of serenity and simple respect for the wider processes of life – and his presence this season will be subtle yet invaluable: his propensity for popping up with a moment of raw precision has indeed saved United’s skin on numerous occasions. You could certainly argue that his presence during a fragmented 0-0 draw at Anfield would have been useful.

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