Luke Shaw’s relationship with Jose Mourinho has completely broken down – report

by Leo Nieboer

Luke Shaw has expressed fears over his Manchester United future after suffering a complete breakdown in relations with Jose Mourinho, according to reports.

The 22-year-old was thrown into the public limelight by Mourinho back in April after the boss claimed his work rate in training was nowhere near good enough to merit a place in the first team.

Shaw has since vowed to work hard and prove his manager wrong but has only made two appearances so far this season – both from the bench in the League Cup.

And according to the Guardian‘s Jamie Jackson, Shaw will consider a move away after Mourinho has continued to express a measure of discontent at his attitude, despite the Englishman’s belief that he has done all he can to impress the 54-year-old.

You really have to wonder just how long this can be allowed to go on for.

Shaw is a superb talent and didn’t rise through the ranks in the Premier League at such a young age by being a slouch, but there is clearly a rigid disjunct in perspective over what constitutes the ‘right’ kind of work ethic forming between him and Mourinho.

But this debate didn’t start with the Portuguese: Roy Hodgson, Mauricio Pochettino and Louis van Gaal all expressed similar concerns when it came to his attitude.

Needless to say, Mourinho isn’t the type of manager to accommodate somebody who isn’t unequivocally committed to the cause at Old Trafford. Shaw’s days really do feel numbered.


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