Scott McTominay produces classy midfield display against Swansea City

by Leo Nieboer

Scott McTominay treated Manchester United fans to a dynamic midfield display during their side’s 2-0 win over Swansea City in the League Cup.

The Scot, who has featured against Burton Albion and Benfica from the bench this season, started alongside Ander Herrera with the visitors desperately needing something different in midfield following three languid performances in a row.

And he duly provided exactly that, seamlessly pulling the strings with an array of pin-point passes and clever interceptions as the visitors controlled proceedings throughout the evening.

His numbers from the game shed light on that was a midfield display hallmarked by a palpable sense of confidence in possession.

Above anything, McTominay is a delight to watch. The simplicity with which he goes about his game is something many midfielders struggle to master.

He isn’t your typical ubiquitous workhorse, nor your archetypal regista, or even the standard playmaker: he seems to dabble in all three whilst not being reduced to any one specific midfield vocation, doing the ugly bits when needed and grounding his approach in being in the right place at the right time – always in space – to move play along seamlessly.

Breaching Jose Mourinho’s midfield, you sense, serves as a bigger task than any other position at Old Trafford and McTominay will have to be patient. But the natural talent he displays on the ball, coupled with a palpable aura of confidence garnered over the summer, gives him a superb chance to embed himself in Mourinho’s first team in the coming months.

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