Referee Jon Moss hailed by Jose Mourinho for allowing game to flow in 1-0 victory against Spurs

by Harry Robinson

Jose Mourinho hailed the refereeing performance of Jon Moss as Manchester United overcame Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday afternoon.

The Reds finished 1–0 winners at Old Trafford thanks to an 81st-minute goal from Anthony Martial, who came off the bench just 10 minutes previously.

Mourinho was delighted with how referee Moss allowed the game to continue with just one booking despite some strong challenges and an aggressive nature of play from both sides.

Challenges were fair but strong, and it made for an excellent spectacle at points, with only a couple of points coming close to flaring up.

“It was a big match,” Mourinho said. “I think [he was a] good referee: one yellow card in a match that was strong, aggressive, every 50-50 ball was like the last ball of their careers.”

“I think most was good and well supported by the other fellows.”

Mourinho brought up the refereeing performance unprompted, a good move from the Portuguese boss. Though he has frequently criticised referees and acted in the wrong way towards them, Mourinho does offer praise when he feels it’s well-earned.

Moss saw confrontations between Dele Alli and others including when Ashley Young accidentally hacked his England teammate at a drop ball, and allowed the game to continue with only a word of warning to each player rather than ruining the spectacle with a yellow card early on that could have led to the later red.

It’s the kind of game that Premier League fans want to see and haven’t witnessed enough of in recent years with some strong tackles allowed to pass with just a freekick rather than a yellow card.

United benefitted eventually, with no injuries sustained and coming away with a 1-0 victory.

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