Jose Mourinho claims Manchester United have been subject to a fickle football media

by Harry Robinson

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has once again attacked the English football media for their coverage of the Reds in recent weeks.

The Portuguese is never afraid to take on the press, and has done so frequently since arriving at Old Trafford in July 2016.

Speaking ahead of Man United’s trip to Chelsea on Sunday, Mourinho lamented the fact that United are now being criticised for their style of play when at the start of the season, his side was hailed for winning back-to-back games 4-0 in the Premier League, and went on to do it twice more in the opening six fixtures.

“I really think that you and the specialists know the football that we were playing at the beginning of the season,” Mourinho said.

“You know. Now you pretend that you don’t know. Now you pretend that we never played amazing football, that we never scored lots of goals, that we never scored amazing goals.

“That we never had our midfield players and our defenders arriving in the opposition box and scoring goals and creating chances.

“I know that you know that. You just pretend, because it’s convenient for you to pretend that these things didn’t exist. But they exist.

“And we miss our players, of course, we miss our players. And we have to play big matches without them, and we are probably going to play one more without them again.”

Mourinho’s comments in press conferences and to journalists can often seem ridiculous, but he is correct in pointing out the fickleness of football journalism. United were praised for returning to the old Sir Alex Ferguson-way, and being title challengers once more, up until mid-September.

Even after that, the Reds were in good form and scoring frequently and freely. A 0-0 draw at Anfield against Liverpool changed things and United have been severely criticised since then for their style of play, despite missing a number of key players as Mourinho points out.

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