Jose Mourinho laments Manchester United’s injuries: I haven’t cried enough about it

by Harry Robinson

Jose Mourinho believes he hasn’t brought up Manchester United’s injury issues enough so far this season.

The Portuguese has a habit of saying he doesn’t cry about injuries enough, and therefore actually mentions injuries quite frequently.

However, it is correct that given Man United’s injury situation, with vital figures in Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marcos Rojo and Marouane Fellaini all unavailable for some time, Mourinho hasn’t used it as an excuse for poor results.

That’s in contrast to other managers in the Premier League, such as Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp who has previously blamed losses or draws on the absences of Sadio Mane or Philippe Coutinho.

“It’s my fault because I should cry every week about our injuries and remind everybody, day after day or press conference after press conference,” Mourinho said.

“So it’s my fault. It’s my decision. It’s my way of dealing with problems.

“It’s my way of trying to motivate and respect and give confidence to the players that are going to replace those people. But maybe I have to reconsider my profile. I know that I moan about a lot of things but I don’t with injuries and probably I should.”

While United underwent a minor sticky patch with a 2-1 defeat against Huddersfield Town and a less than convincing 1-0 win against Benfica away in the UEFA Champions League, the Reds are second in the Premier League and currently top their Champions League group.

That’s in spite of many injuries, the most significant being Paul Pogba who was in the best form since he arrived at Old Trafford before he picked up an injury against FC Basel.

“I think any other manager would be speaking about Pogba every day. ‘Oh, I don’t have Pogba. Oh, when will I have Pogba? Oh, 10 matches without Pogba. Oh, all the Champions League group phase without Pogba. Oh, all the big matches, against Liverpool, against Chelsea, against Spurs without Pogba. Oh.’ I don’t speak about Pogba one single time. It’s only when you ask me about his situation.

“And it’s not just Pogba. It’s Pogba, it’s Fellaini, it’s Carrick, it’s Ibra, it’s Marcos Rojo. It’s a big group of players. So I think we are doing very, very well.”

Mourinho has every right to complain about injuries, but given he’s know used this ‘I should complain more’ on a number of occasions, it begins to sound a bit silly by saying I don’t complain enough and with that, complaining.

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