Dwight Yorke: Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku is the right striker for the club

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United’s legendary striker Dwight Yorke has insisted that the club’s star signing Romelu Lukaku is the right man for the team.

Lukaku has come in for some heavy criticism of late due to his recent goal drought despite his good start to his United career.

The Belgian striker hasn’t scored for his team since the last international break but has provided a couple of assists.

The Red Devils have gone through a little rough patch of form and their main forward has suffered, perhaps, more than anyone else.

Yorke though, defended his former club’s goalscorer and has claimed that the former Everton man’s form doesn’t change his opinion at all.

Speaking to talkSPORT, Dwight said: “When he [Lukaku] came to the football club, I felt we had the right person and I really do feel we have the right striker for the club.

“We were looking for the right ingredients to come to Man United and I think we have the right player. He got off to the best possible start of any striker – he broke all records coming to the club.

“We have all been there. We all go through droughts. I have never come across any player that hasn’t gone through a goal drought.

“It is how you cope and the contribution you give while you are going through a drought. I think he does [contribute]. He makes himself available, he is never shy, he is trying.”

Romelu has been criticised for plenty since his move to Old Trafford and has even hit out on those belittling his quality.

The talented forward was accused of disappearing during matches against the top teams in the Premier League as he couldn’t find the net vs Chelsea, Tottenham or Liverpool.

Lukaku was also accused of having a poor first touch, often failing to hold the ball up for his teammates and instead losing the ball to opposition teams who then counter a depleted defence.

It’s fair to say since his move to Old Trafford, he’s been scrutinised far more often than he was during his time at Everton or West Brom.

The 24 year old has bagged double figures in goals across all competitions for the Red Devils so far this season but is still not safe from criticism.

Jose Mourinho certainly believes that Romelu is undroppable but will definitely be worried if the striker’s goal drought continues as United head into the busy winter period.

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