Ryan Giggs explains why he prefers Marcus Rashford over Gabriel Jesus

by Leo Nieboer

Ryan Giggs has explained why he prefers Marcus Rashford over Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus, pointing towards the youngster’s greater capacity to take defenders on with the ball.

Rashford has enjoyed a superb start to the 2017/18 campaign at Old Trafford, claiming eight goals and seven assists for club and country in total.

He recently finished third in the annual ‘Golden Boy’ award ahead of Jesus in fourth – something Man City’s social media team embarrassingly failed to pick up on.

And Giggs, speaking ahead of England’s friendly with Brazil at Wembley, noted that Rashford’s style is more exciting to watch.

“It will be interesting to see Marcus Rashford and Gabriel Jesus come up against each other at Wembley for England v Brazil,” he said.

“I think the word for these two players is exciting. They’re a bit different, Jesus has a better scoring record but Marcus likes to match up with defenders and try something, which is what makes him great to watch.”

There is a burning desire amongst the commentariat and, by extension, supporters of rival clubs to compare particular talents and explain why, usually with a few stats, one is better than the other.

And you can see why this persistently happens with Jesus and Rashford: two youngsters who rose inexorably from anonymity to indispensability in their side’s respective attacking line-ups.

But does it make any sense? For one thing, the pair occupy totally different positions in contrasting systems.

Jesus mainly plays on the last line of defence and picks up on gaps between full-back and centre-back created by City’s buildup play through the middle, while Rashford’s role is far more conventional: to pick up the ball and take opponents on with his raw power on the ball.

They are two special talents in their own right and will, as time goes by, find themselves moulded further by two very different managerial styles that, actually, you cannot use as a basis for arguing about who is better than who.

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