Jose Mourinho admits Marouane Fellaini could leave next summer

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho has admitted that Marouane Fellaini could leave Manchester United for free next summer amid interest from other clubs.

The Belgian’s contract expires at the end of the campaign and he will have permission to speak with other clubs in January.

Fellaini rejected improved terms proposed by the club in September and has reportedly attracted interest from the likes of Galatasaray, Paris Saint Germain and Arsenal.

And Mourinho, when asked about whether he was worried about Fellaini’s future, replied: “Yeah. [I have done] nothing, is a discussion between the player and the board.”

“I’m not involved in contracts in deals, and I respect both, I respect the player because he has the right, has the right to decide his future, and I respect the board because the decisions and the discussions are under control so I just wait wishing they will have an understanding but it’s out of my control?”

The Portuguese’s comments appear to shed light on an impasse between Fellaini and the club. He had no interest in signing what was put in front of him earlier this year and, with just over a month left until he can discuss a pre-contract agreement elsewhere, it doesn’t feel as if the two parties are nearing a mutually acceptable deal. It definitely has a hint of Davis and Barnier, doesn’t it?

And while Mourinho would desperately want to avoid losing Fellaini, the club cannot end up in a twist over trying to keep him here. If the man wants to leave, let him leave, and focus instead on chasing the likes of Carlos Soler and Leon Goretzka ahead of the summer.

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