Eric Cantona insists he should have replaced Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United

by Harry Robinson

Eric Cantona has insisted only he could have replaced Sir Alex Ferguson upon the Scot’s retirement in 2013.

The Manchester United legend claims no one else could have taken on the challenge and continued Ferguson’s constant collecting of Premier League titles in the role.

Cantona didn’t take over from Ferguson, of course. David Moyes did. He failed, then Louis van Gaal had a two-year attempt to bring Man United back on track. He failed, despite an FA Cup trophy on the way. Jose Mourinho is now at the helm, dragging United back into the title race and bringing world-class players to the side.

51-year-old Cantona was asked if he would ever return to football, having retired aged 30 to pursue an acting career.

“No,” he said. “Only to manage Manchester United.

“Only I could have made them succeed (after Fergie’s 2013 retirement). Nobody else. Only me.

“They won’t ask me. Maybe that’s why they didn’t win the Premier League.”

A Cantona press conference twice every week would be one of the many highlights of him becoming United manager. Could he be successful? It’s unlikely. He’s done no coaching and very few will have success at United.

But it’s another glorious quote from the man who’s best at providing them. Arrogance served up in the greatest of ways.

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