Louis van Gaal slams Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward for the manner of his sacking

by Harry Robinson

Louis van Gaal has admitted his great frustration over the manner of his departure from Manchester United.

The Dutchman was sacked days after guiding Man United to their first FA Cup in 12 years, beating Crystal Palace 2-1 in a dramatic final.

He was booed by some sections of the United support, a group who have rightly been lambasted for their disgraceful lack of support for their own team and manager, and was sacked soon after and replaced by Jose Mourinho.

He has, on the whole, been magnanimous since his departure. But he has come out firing against Ed Woodward, United’s chief executive, in particular.

“He [Woodward] never discussed anything with me – and you can talk about anything with me,” van Gaal told the Daily Mirror.

“With all my experience, I know the unwritten laws of football. A club has to prepare for the future.

“I can understand that and they should have approached me. Ed could talk to me but he did not.”

The manner of van Gaal’s sacking was poor. It wasn’t done correctly, there is little doubt about that. Mourinho’s presence in the equation was clear as soon as he was sacked by Chelsea just before Christmas in 2015.

Six months later, he was United manager, but the United board never gave van Gaal their public support in that time, and it was bad to see rumours of his sacking come out within half an hour of the Cup Final finishing.

United shouldn’t be run like that, things should be done in the right way. Van Gaal deserved to be sacked, and Mourinho has improved things. But he didn’t deserve to be mistreated.

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