Manchester United aren’t even in the same league as Manchester City this season, claims Ray Wilkins

by Harry Robinson

Manchester United aren’t in the same league as Manchester City at this stage, believes former-player Ray Wilkins.

The Reds were beaten 2-1 in last Sunday’s Manchester derby, losing at Old Trafford thanks to goals from David Silva and Nicolas Otamendi either side of half-time.

It was humiliating at points, with City toying with United with their ability to keep the ball in the corner and see the game out.

“They offered absolutely no attacking football at the weekend, but without Paul Pogba, Jose Mourinho’s hand was forced with Pogba’s injury,” Wilkins told Sky Sports.

“Mourinho must have looked at his red card at Arsenal and thought ‘oh dear, any other game but this one against City’.

“If you can’t get the ball, you can’t play. United were not in the same league.”

City weren’t even at their best. United were far, far from it, sitting back and senselessly getting defender Marcos Rojo to launch the ball long to Romelu Lukaku, a striker who cannot play as a targetman, at every opportunity.

United couldn’t get the ball because everytime they did, they handed it back to City immediately by playing it long.

When they did play with shorter passing on the floor, what United have been good at this season, Jose Mourinho’s side looked far improved and scored near the end of the first half.

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