Martin Keown: Jose Mourinho is only trying to get under Arsene Wenger’s skin

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Martin Keown has claimed that Jose Mourinho is only interested in signing Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil in order to get under Arsene Wenger’s skin.

The two manager’s share a famous rivalry, a rather unsavoury one and Keown believes Manchester United are only interested in Ozil to damage Wenger.

Mesut’s contract expires in the summer transfer window with foreign clubs allowed to sign him for free from January.

Although English club’s have to wait a while longer to approach the German, reports claim that United are the favourites for his signature.

Mourinho is apparently a huge admirer of the attacking midfielder and could possibly see it as a ‘two birds, one stone’ scenario.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Martin said: “I think Jose Mourinho would love for that move to happen, for two reasons.

“One, because of the quality of the player, and two because it would be a poke in the eye for Arsene Wenger. That rivalry between the two managers has not gone away.”

With Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s relationship with Jose reportedly breaking down, Mesut Ozil’s apparent interest in joining the club is welcomed news.

The Portuguese manager is apparently sick of Mkhitaryan and his inconsistencies, having hardly impressed since moving from Borussia Dortmund.

The Armenian had a glowing reputation at the German side and was expected to make a huge influence on the current United squad after his transfer.

However, he understandably struggled in his first season at the club and Mourinho waited patiently to try to help him adjust to his new surroundings.

The efforts seemed to pay off when Henrikh started this season off with a bang but his sudden, unexplainable decline in form has seemingly upset Jose once more.

The player’s inconsistencies have apparently made the United boss fed up with the whole scenario and is considering bringing in proven Premier League talent in Mesut Ozil for free next summer.

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