Romelu Lukaku has to start celebrating after scoring for Manchester United, claims Gary Neville

by Harry Robinson

Gary Neville has insisted Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku has to celebrate after scoring if he’s to endear himself to the club’s supporters.

Lukaku scored for the second consecutive game against West Bromwich Albion on Sunday, a perfectly guided header from a wonderfully-directed Marcus Rashford cross. His celebration was muted, to say the least, while the fans behind the goal and his teammates celebrated ‘properly’.

The Belgian, who has been heavily criticised in recent weeks, did the same when scoring the winner for Man United in midweek against AFC Bournemouth.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Neville said, “He needs to celebrate, he absolutely does.

“Celebrate with those fans behind the goal, endear yourself to them.”

It’s a contentious issue. There is no doubt, though, that players who celebrate with an iconic move or by jumping into the fans instantly get themselves in the good books. They earn themselves some more slack, and, more importantly, create a connection with the supporters of their club.

Lukaku should celebrate, but if he’s scoring goals every week, he can do whatever he wishes.

Quite why Lukaku has chosen to celebrate like this against both Bournemouth and West Brom is a mystery. Perhaps it’s due to the recent criticism, which has also come from his own supporters as some idiotic sections of the Old Trafford support booed their main striker off the pitch against Manchester City.

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