Manchester United just need one bad result from Man City to set title race alight again, claims Dwight Yorke

by Harry Robinson

Manchester United cannot afford to drop anymore points this season, but can still win the Premier League title, according to club great Dwight Yorke.

The gap at the top of the table was extended to 11 points with a 2-1 victory in the Manchester derby for Manchester City over a week ago, and they maintained that advantage as both sides won the two games that followed.

Pep Guardiola’s side remain unbeaten this season, and are now on a 16-game winning run, setting a Premier League record.

“City have been absolutely superb,” Yorke admitted to talkSPORT.

“They have certainly raised the bar this season and left everyone in their wake.

“If Manchester City continue to show that sort of consistency throughout the months of December, January and February then I will say the season is over,” the former-striker conceded.

“But it is too early to call,” he insisted.

Yorke believes that one shock result for City over the festive period could shake up the title race once more and add fire to it. At the moment, City are running away with it.

But one defeat for City to halt their winning run and ruin their unbeaten streak can give United’s players huge confidence to remount a title challenge.

“One bad result can change the whole complex and these players have to believe they have an outside chance,” Yorke explained.

He did, however, concede that if United drop any more points this season their chances are very, very slim, whatever City do.

Guardiola’s side must fail in three or four games, and that’s with the thinking that United will win every remaining game this season. Realistically, United need a huge collapse from City, and an almost perfect record until May.

“United just simply can’t afford to drop any more points and they have to grind out points and hope city slip-up at some stage,” Yorke admitted.

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