Wayne Rooney insists Manchester United’s 2007/08 side were better than Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City

by Leo Nieboer

Wayne Rooney has opined that the double-winning Manchester United side of the 2007/08 season are better than Pep Guardiola’s current Manchester City side.

Man City have more or less sealed the Premier League crown this season before Christmas, dropping just two points in 18 games and racing 11 points clear of Man United.

Their inexorable rise to the top this season, hallmarked by a record 16-game winning run (and counting), has led to many labelling them as the best side to ever grace the Premier League.

But Rooney, speaking on talkSPORT, was having none of it.

“I’m not sure they are quite there,” he said.

“They would have to keep going and do a lot more. I would go with the United team from 2008. There are so many great teams throughout the years in the Premier League.

“This City team need to win trophies and do it for a longer period to be in that bracket.”

The exhilarating way in which Man City have ripped through all before them this season with both panache and efficiency, along with the way Guardiola has confounded those who said the Premier League would be harder than Spain or Germany, has created the semblance of a side transcending the norms set by even some of very the best sides in this country.

But we have to remember a couple of things: that, firstly, they haven’t won anything yet, with the real challenges set to come at the turn of the year; and, secondly, that such dominance of a division is not unheard of in English football.

Mourinho picked up 95 points in one season; United were champions by March in 2000; Arsenal went a whole campaign unbeaten.

Their start has been breathtaking – but that’s all it is at this moment in time.

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