Paul Scholes insists Paul Pogba can still improve at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Scholes has noted that Paul Pogba can still improve in his decision making at Manchester United.

The Frenchman has firmly asserted himself as the creative nucleus of Man United’s midfield this term, producing a series of decisive performances.

But his red card at the Emirates, coupled with an ineffectual attacking performance at Ashton Gate, in recent weeks has shown that there is room to improve even for a player of Pogba’s incredible genius.

And Scholes, speaking earlier this week, claimed that the 24-year-old still needs to develop a mastery over the mental side of the game.

“Paul Pogba can be this box-to-box midfielder, although he can do a lot better, especially score more goals,” he said. “He has a big range of attributes. He is fast, his passing game is exceptional. I am sure he will cross these levels.”

“Mentally, he still has a lot of room to improve to become more consistent. He should especially try not to do so many complicated things.

“He has a high price-tag and maybe that gives him the feeling that he has to show off his talent. But he doesn’t have the ability to dribble past three or four players before hitting it in the top corner.

“He will never be this type of player and sometimes he tries too much to do things that do not match his qualities. If he starts to try to dribble by players, he is no longer himself.”

Pogba’s raw ability, like all forms of genius, can often be a blessing and curse. What he can do on the ball shouldn’t be questioned; he has pretty much everything in his midfield locker, from long range drives to mesmerising control.

What he does with this ability, however, can often come under scrutiny. You sense he feels a certain responsibility as the brain of Jose Mourinho’s side to kickstart movements and this can lead to him doing too much, perhaps making a wild dribble into a dead-end or simply refusing to play the simple pass.

Needless to say, this is something he will refine and develop further with age, and at just 24 he has plenty of time.

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