Oliver Holt: Manchester United’s Ed Woodard is out of his depth

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward is out of his depth according to Daily Mail journalist Oliver Holt.

The former accountant had been given a promotion by United owners the Glazers but has failed to lead the club to consistent glory.

He was the man in charge of hiring the Red Devils’ managers and is responsible for the transfers in and out of the club.

Of course David Moyes was reportedly selected by Sir Alex Ferguson himself but without a doubt Woodward and the board had their say too.

Louis Van Gaal has criticised Ed before for the way he handled the Dutchman’s termination and of course he’s also the one who hired Jose Mourinho, who has recently spoken out about the lack of support for transfers, leaving Holt to claim he has no clue what he’s doing in his relatively new position.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Oliver said: “If I were Ed Woodward, I’d start looking over my shoulder. The Manchester United executive vice-chairman is a little boy operating in a man’s world.

“He is a neophyte who is way out of his depth. He wears the expression of the cat who got the cream, even as his club’s city rivals show him how it’s done.

“I’m not sure he knew what he was getting himself into when he appointed Jose Mourinho as the club’s manager but I think he’s about to find out.”

Manchester United have suffered so far this season on the back of the club’s previous investments and outgoings.

The constant chop and change has left Mourinho with a huge task to overcome at Old Trafford and the man himself has come under scrutiny in recent weeks.

David Moyes’ failed to adequately coach the Red Devils in his short stint at the club but perhaps it was Louis Van Gaal who caused the most damage.

The former Netherlands manager had no clear plan in the transfer market and it’s clear to see his decisions are still affecting Jose to this day, who himself is trying to build a squad of his own.

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