Former Barcelona star Xavi blasts Jose Mourinho’s tactics

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has found himself under fire from former Barcelona star Xavi for his tactics during his time at Real Madrid.

The Portuguese manager has often had his methods heavily criticised throughout his career but it’s fair to say it’s never affected him as he continues to employ the same tactics wherever he goes.

At United it’s no different with some sections of supporters complaining, particularly during big matches, of the club’s style of play.

Accused of being ‘anti-football’, Mourinho became hated for his tactics due to Barcelona’s rise of ‘beautiful’ football that became what fans know as tiki-taka.

The Spanish club won several trophies during the dominant era they experienced a few years ago and Xavi, who was at the heart of it, accused both his former rival and Jose for their part in ‘destroying’ football.

According to Metro, Xavi said to El Pais: “Mourinho’s Madrid hit the ball direct over the top. Mourinho told his players never to stop the ball, to play quickly, and then [Angel] Di Maria, Cristiano [Ronaldo] or [Karim] Benzema would break. Now they do it with [Gareth] Bale. They don’t want to play football.”

In truth, the Spaniard’s comments are a little bizarre and almost out of the blue considering he’s currently no longer at Barcelona and Jose Mourinho is no longer at Real Madrid.

Since moving to Qatar, Xavi has often taken the opportunity to discuss past moments in his career and has been very outspoken in comparison to before.

The stranger claim by the central midfielder is how Jose Mourinho’s teams didn’t wish to play football despite his record showing his methods work.

The whole aim of football is to win trophies, if Mourinho is winning trophies then why does anything else even matter?

Perhaps even more unusual is that Xavi should remember that it was Jose who first took down a peak Barcelona side, winning the La Liga whilst breaking the record for points and goals scored in a season. Anti-football you say?

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