Arsene Wenger reveals the moment Alexis Sanchez’s move to Manchester United was sealed

by Leo Nieboer

Arsene Wenger has revealed that Alexis Sanchez was “completely focused” on Arsenal’s clash with Crystal Palace on Friday night before he told him that his move to Manchester United had finally gone through.

Last week was dominated by negotiations between both parties over a swap deal involving Sanchez and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, with the latter’s agent Mino Raiola insisting they would not rush to reach an agreement.

But the move finally started to accelerate on Saturday and the swap deal, which involved no money in the end, was announced on Monday night.

Wenger, however, has revealed how Sanchez found out about his move to Old Trafford being complete on Friday night.

I can only imagine that Sanchez sprinted out of that hotel as fast as he humanly could, arms aloft as the rain fell down on him, Shawshank Redemption style, before collecting Atom and Humber and speeding up to Manchester in a sports car, ‘Baker Street’ playing in the background.

In all seriousness, however, the fact that Sanchez, in spite of all the noise surrounding his name at the time, was still completely focused on the Palace game shows what kind of player United are getting: a militantly driven individual and a fierce customer with and without the ball who will never stop running for 90 minutes.

This won’t just benefit United; it will force those around him to step up another level.

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