New England women’s boss Phil Neville tells Manchester United they should start a women’s team

by Harry Robinson

Phil Neville has urged Manchester United to create a women’s team with the Reds one of the only top clubs in England without a current side.

Man United discontinued their women’s side in the mid-2000s but have seen their rivals across the country have great success in the women’s game, with cross-city rivals Manchester City taking full advantage of the possibilities and investing hugely.

Neville was recently appointed England women’s boss despite having no experience of full management or the women’s game. Questioned about his former-club’s reluctance to create a women’s side, Neville insisted he would try to convince the club to decide otherwise.

“I will be encouraging them,” Neville said, via ESPN.

“I am sure they are in the process of doing it,” he continued. Often asked about the issue, United always insist it’s under consideration but litle movement is ever made.

It’s a huge debate that splits the fanbase and many in the football community. Some argue that the club shouldn’t be forced to have a women’s side, and bring up the good work the Reds do in developing young female players in their academy.

However, others suggest that United have to be a part of the game given the influence they have over attitudes within football and for so many people around the world.

“A club of the size of United should be the leaders, the pioneers,” Neville insisted. “I am sure they are working to do that.”

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