Frank Lampard questions Paul Pogba’s defensive commitment vs Tottenham

by Marwan Harraz

Former Chelsea player and pundit Frank Lampard has questioned Paul Pogba’s defensive commitment during Manchester United’s clash with Tottenham.

Jose Mourinho’s men travelled to Wembley in the hopes of keeping up the pressure on Manchester City but instead fell behind even further in the title race.

Their fierce rivals and league leaders managed to win their match vs West Brom meaning there’s now a 15 point gap between the two clubs.

United conceded within 15 seconds in their match vs the London club and failed to recover after, even conceding a comical own goal by Phil Jones.

The Red Devils’ backline were certainly in shambles but Lampard seems to suggest it could do with Pogba’s reluctance to track back.

Much has been made of how to get the best out of the star Frenchman but it’s slowly becoming clear that there’s only really one way to do it.

A 4-2-3-1 formation vs smaller clubs may tend to get the job done, particularly when facing teams who will defend stubbornly but against bigger sides Manchester United must opt for the 4-3-3 formation.

The extra man in midfield allows Paul to be at his devastating best and whilst it means sacrificing one of the in-form attacking players, no one will surely mind if the result ends in the club’s favour.

Against Spurs, United’s lack of midfield allowed them to cruise through a huge chunk of the match unchallenged and untested, much to the disappointment of supporters.

Perhaps Jose Mourinho doesn’t trust his other midfielders but the former Juventus man’s reluctance to track back isolates Nemanja Matic far too much and the big sides will continue to punish the team for it.

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