Jose Mourinho blasts Manchester United’s poor start vs Tottenham Hotspurs

by Marwan Harraz

Jose Mourinho has slammed his players’ poor start to the clash vs Tottenham Hotspurs after losing 2-0 away from home in the Premier League.

The match started poorly for Manchester United with the away side conceding within 15 seconds of the match through a Christian Eriksen goal.

Mourinho’s men began to recover quickly after, attempting to score immediately to nullify their threat with Jesse Lingard having an opportunity that would’ve tied the match.

Instead the Englishman missed and Phil Jones on the other end conceded a comical own goal to give Tottenham an extended lead.

With the pressure off Mauricio Pochettino’s men they cruised through the rest of the match and United failed to score in the remaining 60 minutes or so.

Jose has every right to be furious with his players given the lack of fight after conceding the second goal as the London side were allowed to play with no pressure whatsoever.

The Red Devils could’ve played for another 90 minutes without getting a result in their favour and it was one of their most damning performances of the season.

Most supporters can live with a poor display but can’t live with a gutless one and those Manchester United players were truly disappointing.

Jose Mourinho must also take a long hard look after his strange tactical decision having started the match with a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Although fans were delighted to see the attacking intent, Spurs extra man in midfield allowed them to completely play United off the park with very little threat.

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