Nemanja Matic full of praise for Alexis Sanchez following Huddersfield Town win

by Leo Nieboer

Nemanja Matic has hailed the performance of Alexis Sanchez following Manchester United’s 2-0 win over Huddersfield Town in the Premier League.

Sanchez dazzled Old Trafford on his home debut, throwing himself forward at will and linking up smartly with teammates around him.

And the Chilean’s hard work finally paid off in the second half when he fired home his first Man United goal through a penalty rebound having won the spot-kick himself.

Speaking after the game, Matic was quick to heap praise on the 29-year-old for what was a scintillating home debut.

Sanchez was fouled seven times by Huddersfield players and brought to the ground – sometimes fairly, sometimes not – far more often than that, yet each time he picked himself up and maintained his ruthless onslaught on the visitors until the final whistle.

He is a wonderful player to watch – always twisting, turning, bursting forward, trying to find an inroad, demanding the ball throughout – but you sense his attitude going forward will have the greatest impact on this United side.

Attacking momentum can often disappear against opponents like Huddersfield, who set up camp in their own half, but the sheer ferociousness of Sanchez ensured there was always a sense of thrust, of purpose, going forward.

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