Video: Alexis Sanchez putting in extra hours in the gym ahead of Newcastle United clash

by Leo Nieboer

Alexis Sanchez has been videoed working hard in the gym on his own ahead of Manchester United’s trip to Newcastle United on Sunday.

The Chile international netted his first Man United goal since arriving in the January transfer window during the 2-0 win over Huddersfield Town last weekend.

Sources at Carrington have claimed that Sanchez has been staying behind for an extra half an hour to work on various aspects of his game every day.

And after training in the morning, Sanchez stayed behind to put in further hours in the gym.

I’ve been studying Sanchez closely since he joined, attempting to pick up an idea of what sort of person he is, what drives him.

His facial expression doesn’t give much away. He seems to be locked into a kind of ‘zone’ which prohibits his face from ever changing too much: rarely smiling, rarely frowning, occasionally letting out bursts of anger when things aren’t going his way.

The best way I can describe him, I think, is all-consuming. In every sense. He is less about specific goals but more the attitude he adopt to get them, which is always essentially full-throttle, ruthlessly driving forward, never resting, always wanting more.

And this is why he joined United and indeed why he is now the highest paid player in the world. His indefatigability impacts every aspect of his life, and has finally moved on from the Emirates – and I can only imagine he stayed there for as long as he did because of his undisputed alpha status – to scale bigger obstacles, and assert himself as one of the most menacing forwards in the Premier League.

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