Paul Pogba should be thought of as ‘creative’, not just ‘destructive’, claims Danny Murphy

by Harry Robinson

Paul Pogba should be used as a ‘creative player’ by Manchester United, according to Danny Murphy.

That’s instead of being a ‘destructive player’, despite Pogba generally being used in a creative role since his 2016 return to Old Trafford.

The Frenchman’s first season back at the club saw a significant number of ignorant evaluations of his talent. The focus was on his physical stature, power and pace rather than the astonishing technical ability which makes him one of the most complete players around in his position.

Murphy has now accepted that Pogba is indeed a creative force.

“Having watched Pogba on a regular basis, I think he’s more a creative player than a destructive one,” Murphy said on the Sky Sports show The Debate.

“He wants to go and make things happen.”

Murphy said that Pogba’s talent means he should be winning games by himself for United when the Reds require it.

“I’d like to see him win football matches for his team,” Murphy said of the 24-year-old. “Pogba has the potential to be what he wants to be.”

Pogba has been vital for United this season. Though he’s scored irregularly, his performances have often been brilliant.

He is yet to truly take a game by the scruff of the neck, though. When Pogba plays well, so too do United, and the same can be said when roles are reversed.

Depending on your outlook, that could be positive or negative.

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